Today Nissan will release the Nissan GTR out of its cage at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Originally spotted testing at the Nurburgring by the team at TPW, the car will make its first run up the hill at Goodwood today.This is the first time the car will be seen outside of its exhaustive testing program and also its first official visit to UK Soil. The GTR was flown from its current residence in Germany to a secret location here in England earlier in the week. From there it was placed into a special container for shipping to Goodwood. It will break cover twice over the weekend. Once today and once again tomorrow. There will be little drama made about the car and it will not be placed on static. A team member here at TPW tried (albeit foolishly) to keep up with one on the Nurburgring last April and reported that it was shockingly quick. More information and photos will follow from tomorrows lie report from the Goodwood Festival Of Speed.