Bringing you news as it happens...

yes, we're on a ferry in the middle of the Channel, enroute to this weekend's big race

and inspite of choppy seas and thunderstorms we can still bring you the latest.

Keep checking back here for live picture feeds throughout the weekend. Thats right folks, some of us have no intention of getting any sleep!

We're going to try and update the site as part of a new "Live Feed" service to the 350zUKownersclub forum. We hope to be able to do this for all future major events including shows, trackdays, and racedays. This is our first weekend and we decided to start with a bang by taking on the the mighty Nurburgring 24hr race. That meant leaving in the middle of the night and working through the whole weekend non-stop.

Over the past 6 months we have been allowed unlimited access to one of the teams participating in the race. Bob Neville and his team at RJN Motorsport are taking to the Nurburgring in a race prepared 350Z. As part of our report we have travelled to Germany this weekend to see how the team the car and the 4 German drivers get on on the most notorious race in the world. 276 cars have entered this year and 3 of them are 350Z's including the factory prepared 3.8L RS Competion Nismo 350Z.

So come on guys get over to the Live Feed and tell us what you think. We have created an area for you to place comments and we would love to hear any feedback that you may have. Additionally as we have access to the pits there may be some questions YOU want answered about the race the teams or even the circuit.

France beckons, as the ferry docks, so we have to hit the road to get to the Green Hell. You can subscribe to the RSS feed through the blog, that way you won't miss a thing.

Wish the teams luck, wish us bon voyage and wish you were here...

All the best for now,

Dash and SuperGT


bigphil said...

Kev your a star, have a good weekend and well done on such an exciting idea.