The new BMW 1 Series Coupé

BMW is extending the 1 Series line-up in the UK with a new model consisting of a high performance twin-turbocharged engine. The new BMW 1 Series Coupé goes on sale in the UK in November and will be available in 120d, 123d and 135i guises. The 135i marks the first time a twin-turbo petrol engine has powered a 1 Series, while the launch of the 123d heralds the introduction of the world’s most powerful production four-cylinder diesel engine.

The flagship of the range is the BMW 135i with its 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged petrol powerplant. Offering 306hp from its straight-six engine, the 135i is capable of accelerating from zero to 62mph in 5.3 seconds before going on to an electronically-limited top speed of 155mph. Peak torque of 400Nm from just 1,300rpm through to 5,000rpm ensures smooth yet rapid progress and in-gear flexibility.

Frugal yet sporting
The BMW 135i is joined in the range by another twin-turbocharged model to offer a unique blend of performance and economical motoring. The 204hp four-cylinder engine in the BMW 123d Coupé sets a benchmark for small diesels. Its 1,995cc powerplant is the world’s first all aluminium diesel to have an output per litre figure in excess of 100hp – something only BMW M cars usually attain. It is also the first four-cylinder production diesel to come with twin-turbo technology. Dynamic capability
Like every BMW before it, except xDrive models, the new BMW 1 Series Coupé has 50:50 weight distribution and a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive configuration for the best in driving dynamics. To offer the most compliant yet sporting ride and the best in directional stability, the 1 Series Coupé has a double-joint spring strut front axle arrangement with a five-link rear suspension. Such an arrangement allows engineers greater scope in fine tuning the ride characteristics of the car.

Oliver Parsons, 1 Series Product Manager, said: “The new 1 Series Coupé will be a great addition to the BMW range. The combination of its sporty, yet sophisticated, styling and unmatched engineering technologies ensure it holds a genuinely unique position in the market place.

“We expect it to appeal to a younger audience, but an audience that is also design conscious and looking for something unique to park outside their homes. With the recently introduced three-door 1 Series and jaw-dropping EfficientDynamics models joining the range, 2007 is looking like being a great year for 1 Series.”

From first glance this is going to create a stir. With performance figures quoted as a 0-60 in 5.3 this puts it in the same league as the CSL!! However the one thing that concerns the team here at TPW is its weight: 1560kg, where is it all? Did they make it out of lead?