Last weekend Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima took to the infamous Pikes Peak in Colorado in his somewhat Modified Suzuki XL7 Hill Climb Edition car and managed to reach the peak in 10 minutes and 1.408 seconds eclipsing the Rod Millens previous record which stood at 10 minutes and 4.06 seconds since 1994. 57 year old Nobuhiro (president of Suzuki Sport)was quoted as saying "It's fantastic. I'm very happy. I want to try again and beat the 10-minute barrier."And so with that Tajima was crowned "King of the mountain" The video below is taken from a spectator on the practice day.

So whats so great about hacking up a mountain in just over 10 miuntes? well for those not familiar with the annual Pikes Peak Hill climb have a look here for more details on the race and the mountain, but suffice to say the Pikes Peak is a 12.42 mile race up the side of a mountain that climbs 4708 feet. over a mix of gravel and asphalt and emcompases no less than 156 turns! To accomplish this staggering time the little V6 Suzuki was tuned to produce a staggering 993BHP and 737lb-ft pf torque.

[Video Source: Youtube user lozo78]
[Image Source: Suzuki Sport]