The team here at TPW are big fan's of coupe's. We all have one. Our cental Europe staffer even has two. Just for himself! Well all of us have been keeping a close eye on a rumour that the team at Winding Road have been hearing. The next generation Hyundai coupe will not only be a V6 (nothing new in that, although we were hoping the V8 rumour was true) but more importantly it will be rear wheel drive! Is Hyundai aming there new coupe towards the Nissan 350Z?

One of the biggest markets for Hyundai's Coupe is the good Ol' U S of A. Over there they call it the Tiburon. So when the staff at Winding Road got a few moments with Hyundai VP John Krafcik and company communications man Miles Johnson they didnt hesitate in getting the good folk at Hyundai to clear up the rumour mill. As for the folk here at TPW, we're praying its coming to Europe. Follow the link to read the full story.
Hyundai Coupe