Not long after Audi release details of a V12 diesel for the R8, predictably, but disappointingly, comes a release confirming TDI versions of the Mk 2 TT Coupe and Convertable.

The press release goes into some detail lauding the emissions standards that it sets, the "sporty character" (mentioned several times) and the magneto-rheological suspension, 44mpg, and 0-62 in 6.5 seconds, which doesn't really set the world on fire. There is just the briefest mention that it has a rev limter at 5000 rpm, which doesn't really sound like "sporty character" at all. What they don't say is that it will still sound like a diesel, and, with 85% of the power going to the front wheels, appears to offer very little that cannot be found in a Mk5 Golf TDI.

Undoubtedly it will sell, but given the 2.0 FSI and 3.2 engines certainly give you a sporty drive, it does make you question the sanity of anyone who buys the TDI.

Winding Road