The ADAC 24hr Classic with hundreds of amazing sports cars from prior ages is underway here in Nürburg. As the warm up act to the full 24hr race, it comes close to rivaling it in prestige, and exotica.

In fact as we drove up to the 'ring this morning, passing pflanzgarten we had to stop to let a Jaguar E-Type Le Mans pull off circuit onto the 412, to head back to pits off circuit. The car looked brilliant, and sounded a lot better!

In practice the no. 264 BMW M1 was looking exceedingly quick, but unfortunately seems to have dropped back out of the running. We will try and get more news there.

Currently the Porsche 935 numbered 265 is leading from another M1 - no. 201.

What is amazing is despite some these cars being around 30 years old, and running on classic tyres, not modern compounds, the front runners are lapping within 30 seconds or so of the quickest cars in the modern race... and whilst 30 seconds is a night and day difference around the 22km circuit, it serves as an indicator at how much the modern cars are being held back by air restrictors and regulations.

Whilst not quite up with the front runners, this Opel Manta has been entertaining the crowds on two wheels!