Since the GT-R’s 2007 launch, Nissan has introduced an updated Series II version of the GT-R and even an all-out Spec-V performance model, leaving the early cars a bit outgunned. However, Nissan (and presumably Nissan Europe soon after) is intending with a host of new parts for the first batch of GT-Rs.

According to GTR Blog, Nissan will soon offer a number of upgrades for early GT-R models, including Spec-V components. The parts will first be rolled out by Nissan Japan, but will soon be made available in other global markets.
The first batch of upgrades comes directly from the Series II car. Owners of early GT-Rs can update their cars with revised Billstein shock absorbers, new front and rear springs and new transmission and engine mounts.

To further increase the potency of early cars, GT-R owners will also be able to purchase the Rays 20-inch wheels, carbon fiber bucket seats, a titanium exhaust system and a revised reservoir tank, all of which are featured on the Spec-V
Although the parts won’t necessarily make an early GT-R into a Series II or even a Spec-V car, they should help the supercar’s overall performance.