As darkness descended upon the Ardennes, rain fell, cars coming into the pits for wets

Pit crews can't change tyres, until refuelling has completed - with one guy having to ground, and watch the exhausts, incase of spillages.

I headed down to La Source to get some night shots, unfortunately they cancelled the fireworks due to weather, so I had to make do with what we had... which was a few dozen buzzing race cars, flying in toward me, braking hard

Unlike last year, where I took most of my shots with a flash, combined with a really slow shutter speed, to allow some movement - like this:

This year, I opted to use my 50mm f/1.2, shooting wide open, but without flash, as the cars entered the corner, and I was quite pleased with how they came out!

During the night, two of the challengers for the lead were involved in an incident - this Audi - number 50, was overtaking a back marker, and collided with them... as his Audi went across the track, he was caught by the number 2 Af Corsa Ferrari F430, this forced both cars to retire from the race.

Prior this, they made for some spectacular sights..

and the Ferrari was still popping flames :)

at this point it was time to sleep! - so we headed back to the hotel, to examine the insides of our eyelids.