Excuse the poor latin pun in the headline. (for those who didn't go to public school, Prius - also as in the toyota car - is latin for former ( prius definition ).

Anyway the bottom line is Porsche have won a race at the Nürburgring using the Hybrid technology that they've developed over the last 18 months, with their modified GT3-R Hybrid.

The car has been significantly developed from that which came close to winning the 24hr last year,  although a large part of that was due to attrition from the fancied contenders.

These developments have increased the comparative pace of the Hybrid - to the point that whilst its ultimate one lap pace is still around 10 seconds off the quickest cars, its now close enough in performance to the other top cars, that its economy benefits enable it to spend less time in the pits, thus bringing it out in front.

Additionally the powerful electric motors (2x 75hp) provide a kickstart down the straights, meaning that the Hybrid car was able to power past many cars on the run up to the first corner, of the race - getting from 8th, to 5th.

The VLN race series is one of the most exciting in the world - as in essence there are many different races taking part on the same race track, due to the many classes, ranging from historic racers, through current hardly modified production cars, to out and out racers like the Porsches, Audis, BMWs, Ferraris, and Mercedes which make up most of the front runners.

It is often the case that one focuses largely on the overall victory - and indeed this article is just that - but a follow up article will be coming soon talking about some of the privateer entries and the battles which happen in those classes.

As said above this was a race the hybrid won on merit, beating race fit R8s, SLSs, and 911s. There were a few retirements, as will always be the case, but it seems Porsche's focus on efficiency, and economy paid dividends here.

It will be exciting to see how it fairs in its next outing which will be the real test the  ADAC 24h, toward the end of June, also at the Nürburgring