Manthey 911 GT3 RSR, with Dive plates fitted during testing

Ok, so this isn't a typical spot the difference competition, as there are actually hundreds of differences between the two photos. (such as the GT3 R not being present in the second, the different angles, front wheel being lifted etc etc etc).

The point of note though is the removal of the front winglets, or dive plates.

At the 6 hour race on 14th May, the Manthey GT3 RSR made 4 pit stops. During this race, it ran with the two winglets either side.

At the 4 hour race, on 28th May, the car made just two pit stops - running without the winglets, to reduce drag, thus improving economy, but also increasing top speed down Döttinger Höhe.

Manthey 911 GT3 RSR, with Dive plates removed, to reduce drag.

For the 24 hour race, later on this month, there will be no "Cup" class for the GT3 Cup spec Porsches, as such they will be in the same SP7 class as the RSR. As a means of equalisation, all cars in this class will be limited to 430bhp, thus potentially disadvantaging a stock RSR, due to the high drag, that its wide arches, and large wings cause.

It is clear Manthey are investigating all possibilities ahead of the highly anticipated race next month. What is not clear however, is whether Manthey will choose to run the GT3 RSR (GT2 spec), the GT3 R (GT3 Spec), or both cars. I suspect Olaf Manthey will be keeping the cards (or should it be cars?) close to his chest until he has to declare them.

The car raced without dive plates, and sponsors logos used to fill in the blanks!

I for one would be delighted, to see both cars out there, as it will help ensure a close fight throughout the race.