#135 Volkswagen Motorsport Golf GT 24 at Miss-Hit-Miss

Seeing the Golf GT 24 rocket out of miss-hit-miss was an experience - the traction it has from its 4WD, combined with the torque from the turboed lump, results in mind boggling acceleration, with a noise which is quite hard to explain. If you've seen/heard a Veyron, it is similar - a kind of woosh, but with an underlying roar.

The sound of the Golf GT 24 is not musical like the song of the Lexus LFA, but the big Volkswagen is soon instantly recognisable from noise alone.

Of the 3 cars, two seem to be running well, with #135 and #35 qualifying 27th, and 28th respectively, with sub 8m40 times, but #235 has had some problems, and qualified 54th with a 9m13.511.

Volkwagen Motorsport Golf GT 24 #235 after doing some gardening!

If you've not spotted the reference already - the 35 in each car's number, relates to the 35th birthday of the Volkswagen Golf. VW's attention to detail is meticulous!

As for predictions for the race - many of the fans in the various campsite wish it will do well, as it would be seen as a bit of an upset... a 'hot hatch' taking on the sport cars of the rest.

I think its best chances are, if the weather is wet - due to the traction advantages, but otherwise it may be hindered by the aero limiting its top speed.