The folks over at Ferrari believe if they tell all and sundry that they are not building a new Dino, that everyone will believe them and leave their nice pre-production mule go about its merry little testing program in Modena. Well just a quick question to the chiefs at Fezza: If your not going to build a new Dino, whats this then?

According to this is the new baby Dino on the rollers being power tested.

Project F149 as it is officially classed within the walls of Ferrari is wearing a stylish dark matte body overlay previously worn by the ever popular Maserati Gran Turismo(sorry enough of the fashion show voiceover)
It is expected to share the same 4.7l engine of its sister car the Alfa Romeo 8C. It is believed that the rest of the car will share much of its underpinnings with its other relative, the aforementioned Maserati G.T. However in order to differentiate it from the rest of the bloodline it will probably have the most power. One question that is bothering the automotive press is, why are Ferrari building it when the existing models are not currently hitting their worldwide sales targets? Is this Dino going to follow the Original and be devoid of the prancing horse moniker? If so maybe Ferrari arent building a "Ferrari Dino" afterall, but just a "Dino"?

[Source :Motor Authority]