If the rumours are true on the good ol' interweb, the life span of the current 350Z has not got long left. The expected 2010 replacement seems to be scheduled to make an early appearance in 2009. Talk is that the mule that has been seen flaoting around Nurburg is now more advanced than we were once let to believe.

The Japanese magazines have been rife for months on artists impressions but now it looks like Autocar has the skinny, claiming that the new car will appear at this years Paris motorshow this coming October. The question is will it be the full monty revision as expected or will it be a version based on the current platform. autocar claims that the next gen will contain a 3.7l engine out of its sister vehicle the G37 coupe. Personally we were hoping for a nice normally aspirated version of the 3.8 used in the GT-R. Ah well....beggers can't be choosers.

Autorcar via Winding Road