The Creator of Gran Turismo 5 Kazanuri Yamauchi, was given a very special chance to drive the new Nissan GT-R on the Nurburgring. Kaz was handed the keys of one of only 2 offical road registered cars in Europe. Then more spectacularly, he was allowed to take it out for a quick blast of the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

As ever we were there to capture the moment they allowed him out to play on the ring. Giles Meyrick, quickly grabbed some shots of the game designer setting the car up just the way he liked it.

However even famous game designers have to wait their turn at the moment and Kaz was not allowed out until the previous single seater race had finished.

When he was finally allowed, it was very clear from the look on his face that he was excited by the prospect. TPW has heard that the lap was filmed and that it is expected to make its debut on an upcoming Playstation TV episode. You heard it here first!