Qualification began this morning for the 230 plus entrants at this years ADAC 24hr De Rennen. As always our interest was with the boys over at Nissan Motorsports, namely RJN Motorsport. With 2 entries in the race we are hoping for good results.

Unfortunately a problem was found on the black car. After a thorough inspection it was found to be an oil leak and the team set to fixing it. This will mean that they will miss tonights night time qualifying session, but it will give the team a chance to rest overnight rather than work straight through and finish just before the begining of the race tomorrow.

Speaking to Team owner Bob Neville, he was confident that the problem would be fixed and the more powerful of the two cars would make the starting grid tomorrow afternoon.

The white car on the other hand, has been running like a dream and the team is happy that they have a good package, now that they have upgraded the car from the traditional manual box to a new state of the art 6 speed sequential.