The Ford GT pole sitter lead for almost the first hour, however its second stint, with Herman Tilke at the wheel was well off the pace, dropping it down the field. Its currently running twelth.

So the status is that after 5 hours the Phoenix Audi R8 (car 99) is leading from the Manthey racing Porsche 911 RSR (car 1) by only 20 seconds or so.

Very close behind is the second Manthey (car 2) - a 911 Cup S.

Fourth is the second R8 (car 98) run by the ABT Sportsline team.

Fifth is the Motorsport arean Z4M Coupe (car 77).

The RJN Motorsport 370z is running well in 44th overall, 5th in class.

There has been some attrition unfortunately - one of the Alpina B6's failed to make the start, although the remaining car is running well.

The M3 GTR run by Heribert Steiner which we featured earlier ran like a bahn stormer for the first hour - getting up to 17th overall, however it pitted with smoke coming from the rear. We're investigating the status of this now.

Update: However, all might change shortly. It has just started raining, and the Manthey RSR is closing on the lead Audi at the rate of 9 seconds a lap.