Night qualifying...we headed down to Pflanzgarten.

It was pretty wet and miserable, so water proofs came out, and cameras were draped in plastic bags to keep the worst of the moisture off.

This is dedication :) - we're not just fair weather journalists :)

Speaking of dedication, despite the conditions cars were flying around in times less than a minute off last year's Pole lap in the dry....

There was plenty of aggression being seen - A Black Falcon R8 pushed past a 911 GT3 Cup... only to have the Manthey GT3-R then harass it out of the way :)

The times seemed to be improving, but the conditions weren't...

and pretty soon the rain turned into mist... and then fog... and the qualifying was red flagged, and thus ended 1 hour early

This gave me an opportunity to have a bit of a browse around the pits

VW were working on their many sciroccos

and Phoenix racing were doing work on one of their R8s, too.. perhaps trying to uncover why car 97 was so far off the pace

and with that I bid you good night...

It should be noted that some of the reason there's 25 seconds seperating the top 10 qualifiers is due to the changeable conditions - by opting for slick tyres at the right time - the two top car stole a march on the others... we're praying for dry weather tomorrow, at least for qualifying, so we can see the true pace of these cars.

Break down of night qualifying:

P1 Car 43 - the Farnbacher Ferrari F430 GTC 9.20.552
P2 Car 9 - Porsche Team Manthey GT3-R Hybrid 9.26.421
P3 Car 12 Mamerow Racing GT3-R 9.35.280
P4 Car 26 BMW M3 GT2-S 9.37.984
P5 Car 100 Team ABT Sportsline Audi R8 LMS 9.38.334
P6 Car 1 Manthey Racing GT3-R 9.38.502
P7 Car 2 Team ABT Sportsline Audi R8 LMS 9.39.743
P8 Car 41 Gazoo Racing Lexus LFS 9.40.191
P9 Car 98 Phoenix Racing Audi R8 LMS 9.40.981
P10 Car 22 Vulkan Racing Dodge Viper 9.45.496