The Pitwall have arrived in Nürburg, and with first practice starting, I opted to head up to the mini Karussel, and schwalbanschanz.... it was pretty wet and misty - and in doing so I nearly got my car stuck.. but thankfully I made it, and got some shots.

the new LFA's sounded quite nice, and seemed quick - car 51 finished third in free practice, with a quickest time of 9:48.786

Fastest in free practice though was the Farnbacher Ferrari F430 GTC - setting a pace of 9:43.141

Whilst the Fezza is about 5 seconds ahead of the Lexus, it was barely over a second ahead of the quickest Audi R8 - piloted by Frank Biela

The BMW M3 GT2-S predicted to be on pole by some in the know... and although this one was more than 20 seconds off the pace, its sister car finished free practice in 5th, with a time of 9:51.816 - just 8 seconds behind the leader.

And also one would have to be very brave to count out the big Manthey Porsche 911 GT3-R

Car number 1 finished free practice in 4th place - 7 seconds behind the Ferrari - with a time of 9:50.808 - however it has its not so secret weapon of 4 drivers who have one together for the last 4 years!

Also racing are some Journalists -Chris Harris of Evo, and Horst Van Sauma in a Standard Porsche 997 GT3 RS mark II...

Walter Rohrl was originally meant to be joining them, but is unable to due to back injury.

And as Normal at the Ring, there's a mixture of cars... from old Mantas.. to new R8 LMS

Coming soon - night qualifying!