The support race for the 24h, was the usual main event - the FIA GT1

I love the cars in these races, I love the close racing.. but I'm not a fan of the format... 1 hour races are too short.

As a photographer, they basically limit you to a couple corners in a race... and yes they are two races per weekend, plus qualifying and practice... but for me, a 4hr+ format works much better.

As such for the qualifying race on Friday, I set up shop on Eau Rouge

This was Corvette's race - Number 11 led from start to finish, chased closely by the Reiter lamborghinis..

The sight, sound and feel of these thoroughbred racers is a sight to behold- if you've not been to see a FIA GT event, I urge you to do so at the soonest possible convenience - the GT1 Corvettes, Murcielagos, and MC12s are I think only homologated until the end of next year and I don't know when we will see cars of that ilke ever again.

Being limited to one corner meant that most of my shots came out looking pretty similar..with this one of the Ford GT looking much like the one of the Corvette above..

So I tried experimenting a bit with some very slow shutter speeds to try and make it a bit different... not quite perfect.. but perhaps with more practice I can get away with using 1/25th like I tried here:

For the Championship race, on the Saturday, I decided to head down to La Source, and then get some shots in the pits as the race developed!

Now it was Reiter's turn.. their Murci scoring their first victory to date

Being only a foot away from these thundering beasts was highly enjoyable

Once the race was underway, I wandered down the pitlane to capture the stops..

With the pit stops, and driver changes out of the way, there wasn't much left to do for the pit crews..except wait

and a nervous wait for Westbrook, and Grosjean....after the driver changes

At the end, teams watched out for their cars to come back..

but there was only one winning car...big grins for the reiter boys