The orange and blue Gulf livery has long been a crowd favourite, having adorned the paint work of many successful race cars. However, watching the 007 and 009 Aston Martin's during the race today, I began wondering if its had its day?

Actually my train of thought probably started a little earlier, on my way up to Silverstone, as I saw an Luxembourg registered V8 Vantage, done up in the Gulf colours, and it didn't look quite right - but then race liveries on road cars rarely do, as they seem somewhat out of place.

This probably then set me off on a critical path, which then was compounded by the GT2 class Lamborghini Gallardo also running in Gulf colours. The 'Gulf Team First' team running the Gallardo appeared to have no connection to Aston Martin Racing, and to the best of my knowledge there are no behind the scenes link ups between AM + Lamborghini... so this presented a somewhat confusing view to a casual spectator.

However what really gave me cause to think was the 008 Aston. It was running in a very striking black and white strip, and to my eyes at least looked far better to its sister cars. It also did better in the racing - finishing 4th over all. and first amongst the petrol cars... so maybe its time for a new livery for fan's to grow to like?

side by side comparison

What do you think?