Phoenix Racing Corvette Chasing down a Ford GT and a Maserari MC12

As its such a cold month, and my birthday I thought it appropriate to include a desktop picture of warmer days, to look forward to...  It is a 1400x960 image, and to download it, simply click on the image above, and it will display om your browser, and can then be saved through the Browser's file menu.

This was shot during the championship GT1 Race at Paul Ricard back in July - the weather was lovely - with a cool breeze keeping one from baking too much.

This weekend was actually pretty intense for me - I had flown out to Germany for the VLN at the Nürburgring on the Friday + Saturday, before hotfooting it to the airport, for a flight down to Marseille, where I spent Sunday shooting the GT1, GT3, and GT4 races, before returning to London that evening.

There was a near disaster on the return trip though - as my return flight was back via frankfurt, but the flight out of marseille was delayed - this thus meaning I had under 30 minutes to transfer on the way home - I made the flight, but my luggage didn't -  thankfully it was the return journey, so the delay there didn't affect me too much!