Goodbye old friend!

With the end of 2010, the magnificent  Saleen S7R GT1 car bowes out from competition, 10 years after it was launched.

The S7R was a very competitive car, winning races in FIA GT, and winning its class in many races in the Le Mas Series, and ALMS.

It was competitive up to the end, winning the LMGT1 class in 2010, and seen here in the Autosport 1000KM at Silverstone in september, where it was the sole GT1 entrant.

To mark the retirement of this superb sports car, this photograph has been made available as a desktop background image, again in 1400x960.

To download the large image, simply click on the image above, and it will display in your browser, and can then be saved through the Browser's file menu.