I'm a big fan of car's popping flames on over run. As a photographer it adds another dimension - something else to try to capture, and from the many spectators I've talked to at various races, it seems I'm not the only one.

The FIA GT1 World Championship is a series, where flames are in abundance - I've captured them from every single model of car racing in 2009/10.

The Nissan R35 GTR, despite being a good runner up in the sound stakes to the thunderous Corvettes, seems to flame very rarely, and when tit does, its just small pops out of each side exhaust...

The Maserati MC12 has now sadly been retired, but would the twin flames out of its two rear exhausts, often looked like afterburners, which was fitting considering the performance of the car!

The Reiter built Lamborghini's often had the most spectacular flames - here the ALL-INKL one lights up, with the Reiter one in the background.
The Lambos are often the most likely to flame too, so its worth watching out for.

The Aston DB9RS is slightly more understated in comparison - seen here at Club corner, with both exhausts flaming nicely.

and last but by no means least the thunderous Corvette C6.R! The first time I heard one of these cars start up, I thought there was an earth quake, they're fabulous beasts, and will be sorely missed when they are finally retired from use.

The top image, of a Maserati MC12 chasing a GTR at the Nürburgring GP Strecke has been made available as a desktop background image, again in 1400x960.

To download the large image, simply click on that image, and it will display in your browser, and can then be saved through the Browser's file menu.