The Racing line

If you haven't already guessed, I cheated slightly to make this shot!  It is in fact a composition of 4 shots of the BMW M3 number 79 during the Total 24 hour race at Spa in 2010.

For much of the race, the car looks imperious and looked like being a perfect follow up to the success at the Nürburgring 24hr earlier in the year... alas last hour gremlins knocked it off top spot.

My initial idea when I took these 4 shots, was to make some kind of animated GIF or similar, for a bit of fun - I took them by simply placing my camera upon a tripod, and taking 4 shots, about half a second apart.

Anyway, I didn't get round to making any kind of animated image, but by elementary photoshop work (trust me, I'm a beginner, as I rarely use it), I was able to merge the images, and thus highlight the line that Dirk Werner was taking up Eau Rouge

This image has been made available as a desktop background image, again in 1400x960.

To download the large image, simply click on the image above, and it will display in your browser, and can then be saved through the Browser's file menu.


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