Framing a shot

How to frame a shot is a very subjective thing... so I thought I'd post some pictures up on my flickr account and see what people thought of them.

I took one shot - the one above,  and created two crops of it, to garner opinon from others on what they liked.

I originally shot the image in portait, as it was the end of October, and I wanted to capture the autumnal nature of the eifel region.

However I was concerned it took too much of the emphasis away from the car jumping out of the mini karussell..

So I tried a slight crop - keeping the profile, but closing it in around the car a little more, and trying to highlight the fact that both its front wheels are leaping out of the ground, as if its a dog jumping up to greet you!

I wasn't convinced by this - perhaps if I'd been shooting with a longer lens, or been closer to the car, it would have worked better  - but my general feeling was that it was still too busy.

So... back to the drawing board, or in my case Aperture, and I created yet another crop... for this I'm slightly grateful for my 1D MK4 - with its 16MP sensor, it is possible to take a landscape crop of a portait image and still end up with a useful sized image should you need to. (>5MP is the rule I work too).

I think the landscape crop works much better - the subject is clearly the center of attention, and you're still able to see a little of the woodland in the background.

I notice also by observing the 'stats' on my flickr page, this one has considerably more visits + favourites than the other two...