I always used to be amazed at how more experienced photographers always seemed to have the right lens on at the right time, and were able to capture those one off moments, just as they happen.

For me my focus was always on framing my shots, and if it doesn't work, wait until the car comes round again. - and so I'd check my shots before moving on to the next corner.

This works fairly well until something goes wrong!

By wrong I don't mean with me, or my cameras, but more I was spending time looking at the shots I'd taken and was thus missing out on the action. Whilst it may only take half a second to lift the camera up and take a shot, in that second you could miss an event.

I've started to stop 'chimping' as its called, and just trust that I've got the camera on approximately the right settings, and so on.... and have found myself catching many more of the 'one off' moments.

I'm not there yet - there's a lot more practice to go, especially when learning new circuits!