After coming so close to winning the 24hr last year, Porsche have decided to return with Version 2.0.

This differs considerably from the original car, with over 50KG being lost through weight optimisation in both the hybrid components and elsewhere in the car.

Learning from the lessons of last year, the engine has been detuned slightly - from 480bhp to 465bhp, to improve fuel consumption and reduce wear on the motor.
However to compensate the electric motors have both been boosted from ~60KW to 75KW. The hybrid motors continue to drive the front wheels, thus giving this 911 a AWD configuration.

“In many aspects, version 2.0 of the 911 GT3 R Hybrid is a completely new car,” says Joerg Bergmeister. “It’s always a good sign when a new car reaches the finish line at its first race outing.” 

The car completed its debut in 11th place, with all components deemed to have run successfully.