Audi may have worried, when launching the GT3 spec R8 LMS car, they might muddy the reputation of the original Le Mans conquering prototype.

If they did, well they wont be now!

In just over 2 years since the debut of the R8, it has amassed a huge tally of wins, and podiums and shows no sign of stopping.

What's all the more amazing, is that due to it being raced in GT3, whilst Audi do provide some support to teams who pay, the majority of the drivers are customers, not works.

Audi focussed on making the R8 easy to drive for long distances, and redevelopment in 2010 and 2011,  has been to improve reliability and reduce time taken for maintenance - key things when developing a car for endurance races.

Despite this, it continues to be competitive in sprint formulae, such as the FIA GT3, and national GT championships.