Following on from the previous post (on the favourites ) for the ADAC 24h at the Nürburgring this year, this is to point some suggestions to some outsiders who may, conditions depending, spring a surprise.

Due to the nature of the race, and the current weather forecast (which is looking as if it will be at least partially wet), it is entirely possible that an unexpected upset may occur, and the racing will be all the richer for it!

Here are our 9 choices for those with an outsider chance. (there were 10, but the BMW Alpina B6 GT3 has unfortunately withdrawn.)

1) Lamborghini Gallardo LP600 (SP9 GT3)

Reiter Engineering Lamborghini LP600 GT3 in the VLN on 28th May 2011
Piloted by legendary racer Hans-Joachim Stuck, with his two sons Johannes, and Ferdinand along with the experienced Dutch racer Peter Cox, the Reiter Engineering Gallardo is in with a chance for certain.

The race is intended to be the swan-song for Hans-Joachim, with the 60 year old racer intending to retire from top line racing afterwards... and for him to race with his two sons will hopefully provide a special memory to look back on. Johannes finished 7th overall last year in an Audi R8, so will be looking to improve upon that.

Preparations for the race have been mixed, with success in the most recent ADAC GT Masters round at Zolder (run to FIA GT3 regulations), but the last outing in the VLN ending with a crash at Hatzenbach.

There is only one car entered, so we'll be hoping that it can complete the distance!

2) Porsche 997 Cup S (SP9 GT3)

Jurgen Alzen Porsche 911 GT3 Cup S
Porsche's former GT3 spec car, the Cup S has fallen out of favour with many of the top teams, due to the newer GT3 R offering more power, and more downforce.

However with the GT3 R being reigned in for 2011, with the revised balance of performance, the old dog may be given a chance to show off its tricks once more.

Just one Cup S is on the entry list, that entered by Jurgen Alzen, which incidentally finished as the highest running Porsche in last year's marathon, so is not one to be discounted lightly!

3) Nissan 370z (SP8)

RJN Motorsports / Falken Tyres Nissan 370z
RJN Motorsports have been bringing Nissan Z cars to the Nürburgring 24hr since 2007 - and this year, with the new SP8 370z, is perhaps their biggest chance yet.

The driver line up for this, the "bigger" of the two cars they're running is very strong, with FIA GT1 racer Michael Krumm, The Eifel's favourite girl - ring-meister Sabine Schmitz, experience japanese racer Tetsuya Tanaka, and journalist-racer Holger Eckhardt.

4) Aston Martin V12 Zagato

Aston Martin V12 Zagato
The programme of motorsport that Ulrich Bez kicked off since becoming CEO of Aston Martin hasn't yet risked endangering his former company, Porsche, as the leading company in world motorsport. 

Clearly though he sees motorsport as crucial to Aston's future success - and certainly their entrants in both the Le Mans Series, and the VLN/ Nürburgring 24h are very popular with the crowds - with the V8 and V12 powered machines grunting and snarling on their way round the Nordschleife.

In 2007, hopes were very high, with the GT1 spec DBR9 qualifying on pole, and running highly until it ran into difficulties.  Since then the V8, and later V12 Vantages has been the main highlight, until now.

Continuing a modern Aston tradition of proving endurability on the race track before going on sale, the new V12 Zagato is being run this year. With this comes some trick aero, to go with the pretty body work, and a solid driver line up, so should provide a chance to do quite well.

5) Porsche 997 GT3 Cup (SP7)

Porsche 911 (997) GT3 Cup
Sorry, yes - yet another Porsche.  However with the many cars running, it is not sensible to discount the Cup Class.
The latest 2010 spec cars lap within a few seconds of the faster-on-paper SP9-GT3 cars already, and with the revised balance of power, may be closer still.
The Cup chassis being narrow bodied, and with less aero, loses out to the bigger cars through the more technical sections of the Nürburgring, but claws back down the straights, due to less drag. With most top cars, except the Audis and Mercedes being heavily restricted, this surely opens the door for one of the many Cups.

6) N. Technology P4/5 (SP8)

N. Technology P 4/5
On paper the P4/5 makes a very strong case. It is built on top of the very successful Ferrari F430 GT2 car, which finished 2nd in the ADAC 24h last year, and has scored many victories in the FIA GT, LMS, and ALMS series.
Furthermore, with a driver line up boasting former F1 star, Miko Salo, touring car legends Fabrizio Giovanardi and Nichola Larini, and the highly successful endurance racer Luca Cappelerrari, there is no weakness there.
However in early testing the car was plagued with cooling problems, and whilst these seem to be sorted, there has not been the time to test or develop the car. As such it remains an outsider, which if everything aligns may throw a curve ball to the establishment.

7) Audi TT RS

Rader Motorsport / Quatto GMBH Audi TT RS

Audi's junior car the TT RS makes for a formidable  entrant. Sharing some components with the R8 LMS, and already boasting many class wins in the SP4T class, the TT RS is shaping up to be quite a racer.

Being in one of the 'smaller' classes, the aero restrictions are much freer, thus the rear wing is able extend a long way behind the car, enabling massive downforce without much in the way of drag.

The car is built by Raeder Motorsport in partnership with Audi's Quattro GMBH specialist division and is in effect a factory entry.

8) Holden Commodore

Holden Commodore V8 Supercar
Perhaps not so much a chance of outright victory as much as being a crowd favorite, Mal Rose and his team bring back the big V8 powered monster for another outing. It was much missed last year, with Mal opting to run in a Subaru Imprezza, but the Eifel hills will be alive to the sound of Aussie thunder once more in 2011.

9) Volkswagen Scirocco GT24

VW Scirocco GT24
With VW's big focus for this year being on the Golf GT 24 it is easy to forget the bright blue Sciroccos which have graced the 'ring with their presence since 2008. If its dry, and incident free, it would be difficult to see the Sciroccos scoring well, however should the weather be somewhat inclement, the tables could easily turn in their favour.

With one week to go, it is not long to find out how close ThePitwall's projections are! (as a reminder if you've not already read it, check out our article on the favourites here )

For me if I were to pick one car, which I want to win, it  would be the Manthey GT3 RSR. It won when I went to my first Nürburg 24 hour in 2007, and again in 2008, and in 2009.

It would be a fitting tribute to Marcel Tiemann for the RSR to win again. Here is hoping Marcel is back to racing by this time next year!