Audi R18 has its Le Mans debut this year

  • Audi 3
  • Peugeot 1
  • 1 Result TBD

Those are the key stats at Le Mans over the past 5 years.

They serve to highlight the dominance of Audi at the Circuit de la Sarthe for the most famous endurance race in the world.

Revised Peugeot 908 now has V8 TDI power

However they dont pay the full picture.

Elsewhere in the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup, and in the LMS/ALMS, Peugeot speed and success has filled the results tables

Furthermore last year at le mans Peugeot had the legs on Audi until one by one they all dropped out with engine failures gifting a late result to Audi.

This year they return with new cars - with Audi switching to a hard top for the first time in 12 years, and switching to a V6 TDi engine for their new R18, with Peugeot launching a revised 908, with a V8 engine instead of the previous V12.

With the rules theoretically balanced to give a chance to the petrol cars, such as the Aston Martin AMR-One, it is poised to ensure that there's a thrilling race at Le Mans once again.