The Britcar 24hr race weekend did not start well for me.

Returning to my car (parked outside the office of my day job) at lunchtime on Friday I discovered  the passenger front window had been smashed, and my ipod stolen.

It wouldn't have been visible from the road, but the cable linking it to the in car stereo  would have been... and clearly one of Hammersmith's finest residents, decided it was worth a punt.

To make matters worse, it was raining heavily... so with some help from a colleague and some gaffa tape, and a couple of clear bin liners, we put together a make shift window. Despite our best efforts I was dubious at how well it would last on the 60 mile journey up to Silverstone.

The answer was 'surprisingly well'... although it didn't half make a racket!

The plus side of this pain + inconvenience, is that it ensured plenty of room for improvement as the weekend went on.

Autoglass were booked to come out on the Saturday morning, and, so I stopped worrying, and began to concentrate on the task at hand.

Britcar is an interesting race series - made famous a couple of  years ago when  Top Gear ran a diesel BMW in the 24hr  - and whilst run to different rules - ends up with a similar range of entrants as the German VLN series at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, with everything from GT2/3 spec Porsche and Ferraris, down to diesel hatchbacks and superminis.

The smart money before the weekend started out was on a bright yellow car, called an Aquila. With touring car aces, Phil Bennett, Rob Huff and Kelvin Burt lined up to drive it, it looked more like a LMP entry than a GT or Saloon car.

By the time I signed on, night qualifying was already in progress, so I opted to reside within the pitlane, and take some shots there.

I then headed back to get some sleep - tomorrow would be a long day!