Nissan GT-R of Richard Westbrook / Peter Dumbreck before the damage

The full race report will follow soon, however having seen the GT1 championship race at Silverstone I felt compelled to ensure others do too.

Following from starting far back, due to retiring in the Qualifying race yesterday, Richard Westbrook in the #22 JRM Nissan GT-R had begun one of his trademark charges up the field, getting to P12 after lap 1, P10 by lap 7, P9 by lap 8, and then spent 3 laps cooped up behind the Number 8 Young Driver Aston Martin DB9 piloted by Stefan Mücke.

Westbrook saw a possibility of a gap, but Mücke closed the door, leaving Westbrook with no where to go, as he locked up under braking.

Young Driver Aston Martin DB9 of Enge/Turner

The result was contact, spinning Mücke off, and bits of carbon Fibre going flying from both cars.

I would put this down to a racing incident, but then following from Mücke catching Westbrook up again, after drawing level, it appears that Mücke drove into Westbrook, spearing both cars off the race track, and doing considerable amount of damage.

It is not clear if this was deliberate action, accidental, or a result something breaking on the Aston, but it is with relief that both drivers seem to be ok.

Update: as pointed out by Jochen (Frozenspeed) - it looks like that Mücke wandered off path whilst gesticulating, with only 1 hand on the wheel... so probably not the intended result!

I hope the damage isn't too costly for the teams! -

Update: initial reports indicate that both chassis may be written off, hopefully this is not the case... as it brings back memories to Silverstone last year where Phoenix Racing lost a Corvette due to fire damage, which reduced the grid sizes for the rest of the year.

See the Video: